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Promoting Soundcloud on Facebook

You got music on SoundCloud, right? That’s pretty cool. Good for you.

But now you’re thinking: “How do I get my songs over to Facebook?”

Well, get ready, here’s a guide for promoting your SoundCloud music on Facebook.

1. Make a Facebook Page, Not Just a Profile

You might have a personal Facebook profile already. But trust me, that’s not enough. You need a Facebook Page for your music. Think of it like this – your personal profile is your living room, but your Facebook Page is your concert stage.

Put it up, like yesterday.

To do this navigate to Your Pages and click on the “New Page” button.

Make Your SoundCloud profile on Facebook

2. Show Yourself on Your Facebook Page

Now don’t just set up a page. Make it alive, make it you. This is where you can show who you are and what your music represents. People dig stories, they want to feel connected to your music, and that comes from understanding the artist. That’s you.

You want to have:

  • A good profile photo that shows something that reps your music well, like yourself or album art
  • A good cover photo that does the same. This is a good place for publicity photos
  • Photos and videos from live performances

3. Bring SoundCloud into the Mix

You’ve got a solid Facebook Page now, right? It’s time to bring your music onto the scene. Don’t just drop a link to SoundCloud though. It’s kinda impersonal. Instead, use Facebook’s in-built audio player – it’s under the “Music” section. This lets your fans get a taste of your tunes without having to navigate away from Facebook.

Here is a video straight from SoundCloud on how to do it:

4. Promote Your Individual Tracks

Sure, you’re promoting your Facebook Page, but the star of the show is your music. Each track needs its spotlight. Share your tracks on your Page, but also remember to put them in Facebook Groups and Events. Your music ain’t gonna share itself.

Sharing a song on Facebook is just as simple as posting in the URL of the song or video.

5. Make a Connection with Your Audience

This one’s important – your fans aren’t just numbers on a screen. They’re people. And people crave connection. So engage with them and respond to their comments and messages.

Let them know they’re important because without them, you’re playing to an empty room, right?

6. Collaborate and Share

One cool thing about music is that collaboration can create something bigger than the sum of its parts. Connect with other artists, share their music, and have them share yours. You get access to their fans, and they get access to yours.

7. The Option of Ads

Finally, there’s the option of ads. Maybe not everyone’s favorite, but they can really get your music out there. Facebook Ads can be pretty cost-effective and aren’t too hard to get to grips with.

So there you go, seven steps to promote your SoundCloud music on Facebook.

But remember, it ain’t a one-off thing. It’s a constant process. You have to stay dedicated.

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DJ Rede Beats
DJ Rede Beats
DJ Rede Beats is a DJ from Los Angeles who also specializes in making beats and music production. He's worked as an artist, producer, and beat maker for over 30 years and now is a contributor an author for My Music Viral.