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Embed SoundCloud in WordPress

Embedding music or podcasts into your WordPress website is a fun way to jazz up your visitor interaction, and make it more… well… interactive.

On average, dropping in SoundCloud content in WordPress makes engagement go up by 25%!

And SoundCloud embedding has gotten simpler with the Gutenberg editor’s SoundCloud block.

How simple? Let’s roll through it right quick:

Gutenberg Soundcloud Block

Gutenberg block editor makes adding Soundcloud audio files to your WordPress site is easy as cake.

To embed a SoundCloud track or playlist, find the SoundCloud embed block by searching the Block Inserter for “sound”:


Find The SoundCloud embed block

Find The SoundCloud embed block


Then you just copy the URL from SoundCloud and paste it into the SoundCloud embed block in WordPress, like so:

Copy and paste SoundCloud URL

Copy and paste SoundCloud URL

The embedded link shows the album or playlist’s cover art along with a list of tracks you can scroll through. You can even add a caption to the track!

You Can Even Add A Caption

You Can Even Add A Caption!

This Block Should Be Fine For Most Of Us

The vanilla Soundcloud block should be fine for most sites but if you are interested in more options then plugins like ZoomSounds premium plugin or the Ultimate Soundcloud plugin have responsive design and customizable features.

Using the Classic Editor

With the classic editor, it’s the same exact thing: you just paste in the URL from SoundCloud and it grabs the embed code for you.

Embed SoundCloud with Classic Editor

Copy and Paste! It’s really that easy to embed your SoundCloud tracks into a WordPress post

You’ve got an album cover, tracks, the works.

Adding multiple tracks to WordPress pages or posts is just as simple as pasting in each link.

Go Pro With Soundcloud Ultimate (For Free!)

The free SoundCloud Ultimate plugin is a nice upgrade for musicians, podcasters, or website owners to plug directly into the SoundCloud app. It goes beyond simply showcasing your pieces to the public using the SoundCloud player widget on your site. This plugin gives you the ability to manage, upload, and delete your SoundCloud tracks directly from the WordPress admin panel.

This plugin is chock-full of features, which include:

  • It establishes a safe connection between your WordPress site and your SoundCloud account through oAuth2 authentication.
  • It grants the capability to exhibit any of your tracks with the SoundCloud player on your blog by applying a unique shortcode.
  • It has a convenient feature that allows uploading new tracks from your WordPress administration panel directly to your SoundCloud account.
  • You’re able to view your existing tracks, ones you have previously uploaded to your SoundCloud account, right from the WordPress admin panel.
  • For a quick review of your current tracks, you can play or preview them directly from the WP admin panel.
  • It enables you to delete tracks from your SoundCloud account directly via the WordPress admin panel.

Some SoundCloud to WordPress Tips

  • Always check out the embedded link before it goes live on your site. This makes sure everything looks good and also makes sure the track plays right.
  • Private tracks can’t be put on your website because of the platform’s privacy policy, only public tracks can be embedded.
  • When making playlists or albums on SoundCloud, copy and paste both the URL into the SoundCloud embed block. This lets users scroll through each song or podcast episode right from your website without needing to go somewhere else.
  • Lastly, don’t put too many embeds on one page as this could make your website slow!

FAQs About Adding Soundcloud Embeds to WordPress

How do I change the styling of the SoundCloud embed block?

Style changes to the Soundcloud embed block can be done through CSS.

For example, you can try this CSS as an example to make them smaller and flatter rectangles.

.wp-block-embed-soundcloud iframe {
height: 200px; /* Originally 400 */
width: 400px; /* Originally 604 */

Got to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS to add the CSS.

How do I add multiple SoundCloud tracks to a WordPress page or post?

Adding multiple SoundCloud tracks to a WordPress page or post is a walk in the park and doesn’t need any coding. Just paste the URL of each track into the content area in WordPress. This will fetch the embed code for each track, letting you add them to your page or post with a click.

You can also use the SoundCloud Shortcode plugin if you’re using a self-hosted site, which makes it even easier. With this, you can add multiple audio files from SoundCloud and create a fun experience for your visitors.

Can I embed private tracks in WordPress?

No, sorry, private tracks can’t be embedded in WordPress. If you try to paste a link to a private track into the content area, an error message will show up.

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