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5,000 plays per song minimum. Example: if you purchase 10,000 plays you can split up to 2 times. If you submit more than one song for 5,000 views we will add 5,000 views to the first song in the list. Views are not instant.

Purchase YouTube Views

Getting more YouTube views for your videos is a great method of helping speed up the growth and visibility of your channel. There are many options to choose from out there and with that being said, not every provider has the highest quality views to offer. Buy only quality YouTube views for your videos from a place you can trust.


Why Choose Us?

Get MORE Views

When a YouTube video has a higher view count, there is a bigger chance that more people will end up checking it out. It’s true when they say numbers talk, and we can help you grow those numbers. With a bigger view count, the more authority your YouTube videos have, making more people click on your video and see what’s up. Pair quality views with a quality video and you’ll have the potential to grow your video at an outstanding rate.



It’s a fact that YouTube videos with less views are less likely to show up in spots like the suggested or recommended videos. However, when you get a lot of good retention video views, your chances of popping up in these spots and increasing your visibility goes up by a lot. Attract viewers that are already watching relevant videos with the help from out high quality YouTube views.


Grow your NETWORK

The investment you make for your YouTube growth is taken seriously by us. This is why we always provide high quality views that will actually stick. All too often providers will give you poor views and they will end up being subtracted from the total view count. This is a waste of your money and is not beneficial for your channel. In fact, this only hurts your trust with YouTube. Don’t allow your ability to grow your network be ruined and choose us to be your provider.


You views and subscribers

Buy YouTube Views Today

Buying YouTube views shouldn’t mean that you are putting your channel at risk for being banned or getting your views taken away. Don’t waste any time with the cheapest seller you can find because these won’t provide you with the quality you are looking for. Choosing our services means you get to grow your social media without any risks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

1Can you buy real views on YouTube?
Yes, absolutely! I fact we encourage only buying views from someone like My Music Viral who provides high retention YouTube Views. You'll also get subscribers and likes as well.
2How much is 1k views worth on YouTube?
$3-$5 is the average payout for 1,000 views. However, once your channel goes this can change drastically. Business Insider did an article on how much influencers make for 1 million streams and it ranged from $3,400 to $40,000.
3Can you buy Youtube views 2022?
Definitely and infact buying YouTube views services is more safe than ever before. We've endured the era of getting around algorithms and now it seems to be pretty simple to add views to the videos with certain measures in place.
4Is it illegal to buy YouTube views?
No. If you're using methods that steal ad revenue from advertisers then they could ban your channel and/or remove your videos.
5How to buy YouTube views?
First you need to choose a trusted provider like My Music Viral. If choosing My Music Viral we make the process as simple as we can. Just click the amount of YouTube views you would like to purchase and fill in the details of the form. Which is your song link, email for contact purposes, and any additional message you would like to leave which is optional.