When To Post On Soundcloud
When To Post On Soundcloud
August 11, 2023
How To Get My Podcast On Soundcloud
How To Get My Podcast On Soundcloud
August 12, 2023
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Tired of your tunes going unnoticed on SoundCloud? Dreaming of hitting it big and having a loyal fanbase? Well, you’re in luck. This article’s going to guide you through the steps to make it big on the streaming platform.

But wait, SoundCloud’s got over 30 million artists. So you might be thinking: “That’s a lot of competition.”

Don’t worry, with these tips and strategies we’re going to cover, you’ll have a clear path to success of the platform.

Build a Memorable Profile

Your profile needs to stand out. Create a memorable look and showcase your best work on SoundCloud.

Your profile should not only reflect the type of music you create but you as an individual, as well. Consider using album art that fits within your subculture or genre.

Also, only upload high-quality tracks. It’s better to have a few great-sounding songs than a bunch of mediocre ones.

Like any social media platform, you gotta engage with the community to get followers and get noticed on SoundCloud.

You can do this by liking and commenting on other artists’ tracks, reposting their work, and collaborating with them on new projects.

Building relationships like this not only helps you get noticed but also creates a supportive network of fellow musicians who can offer feedback and support as you grow your career on SoundCloud.

Craft a Music Bio That Is Intriguing and Meaningful

Your bio is often the first impression listeners will have of you and your work.

To create a bio that will capture attention, start by introducing yourself and sharing what inspired you to pursue music. Talk about your unique musical style, genre influences, and what sets you apart from other artists in the industry. Use descriptive language to paint a picture of your music and what listeners can expect when they hit play on one of your tracks.

Get into your individual experiences, both good and bad, but don’t put in details that are going to scare off people that you want to not only listen to but promote your tracks for you.

Make sure you include any notable achievements or performances that demonstrate your credibility as an artist or your involvement in a local or national music scene. If you rocked the Palladium, talk about it. Get into your tour spots. If you’ve only killed it at some local barbeques or bar mitzvahs, you use that to mix in a little humor into your bio.

Hey, if it’s you, it’s you – don’t be afraid to be authentic about your roots, humble or not.

Also, you might want to consider incorporating keywords related to your sound and genre into your bio to improve your results with SoundCloud’s search algorithms. If you folks want me to cover this in another article, leave a message in the comments.

Put Your Best Sound Forward

Creating high-quality music is crucial for any artist looking to stand out anywhere and SoundCloud is obviously no exception. With so much competition, it’s essential to produce music that meets audience standards and showcases your unique sound.

When laying down a new track, take your time.

Experiment with different genres to find what works best for your style, but also try to come up with some personal touches that tweak the genre and mix those into little touches into your tracks.

Quality over quantity is key when it comes to uploading new content regularly. This will not only attracts more listeners and followers but can also lead to potential revenue streams through collaborations or licensing opportunities.

Brands are always looking for fresh sounds and unique voices to work within their advertising campaigns, and having a polished body of work can increase your chances of being noticed by industry professionals. No one out here is looking to be hooked up with the average amateur.

Stay On Top of EVERYTHING On SoundCloud & Other Socials

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends and changes on SoundCloud, and in music in general is crucial for any aspiring artist looking to gain more exposure and connect with their audience.

Keeping an eye on the most popular genres, tracks, and artists can help you identify patterns in listener preferences and adjust your music accordingly.

Social media is another important way for staying connected with your audience and keeping up with industry news. Following relevant influencers, labels, and other artists can provide valuable insights into what’s happening in the world of music and help you identify opportunities for collaboration or promotion.

Ditch the meme pages and cooking groups and focus on social media connects that will grow your musical ability and your reach as an artist.

By staying active on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can also build relationships with fans and engage them in conversations about your music.

Create and Curate a Playlist People Want To Hear

Creating an amazing playlist is another great way to attract new listeners on SoundCloud and keep your existing followers engaged. Your playlist should be carefully curated, with tracks that complement each other and can lead listeners to your music.

Don’t just make playlists of your songs, because no one is going to click on those. Build out playlists that mix popular genre tracks with more edgy and obscure music; what you are trying to do is get listeners out of their narrow music habits and be able to more easily accept tunes they haven’t heard before. That’s where you include a couple of your own beats in there.

Consider the mood and vibe you want to get across with each playlist. Keep it consistent so people keep listening. You want to first make a great playlist, then promote your music.

Be sure to keep your playlist updated with new tracks and engage with listeners through comments and reposts. By curating a popular playlist, you can increase engagement on SoundCloud and attract more followers who not only appreciate your taste in music but might be open to giving your music a listen, too.

Master Effective Tags

Now that you’ve curated a bomb playlist, it’s time to make sure your tracks are discoverable with effective tags.

Tags Are Just Categories

Tags on SoundCloud are like hashtags on Instagram – they categorize your music and help listeners find relevant content. Using appropriate tags can also increase the visibility of your tracks in search results and related track suggestions.

See What Tags are Popping

To get tagging right, research the popular tags within your genre. Think about what keywords listeners might use when searching for music similar to yours and incorporate those into your track title and description as well.

Check out my article on The 50 Best SoundCloud Hip Hop Tags By Genre to get some ideas for rap and hip hop tags.

Have Some Tag Chill

Don’t go overboard with tags; stick to around 5-10 relevant ones per track. Tagging is just one tool for making your music findable – it’s not a secret weapon. You can’t just tag your way to the top, but tags will help you on the climb.

This Is Just The Beginning

We’ve covered the obvious things that will get you followers and get your music heard, but there

  • Collaborate with other artists: Working together on new tracks or remixing each other’s songs can help you reach their audience as well as yours.
  • Participate in repost exchanges: Reposting other artists’ tracks in exchange for them reposting yours is a great way to get more plays and followers. Repost Exchange also offers the opportunity to earn revenue through its Next Plus subscription service. This allows musicians to monetize reposts and track plays, which can become a big source of income for indy artists.
  • Offer exclusive content: Offering exclusive content like behind-the-scenes footage or early access to new releases can incentivize people to follow you on SoundCloud.
  • Try and Buy Soundcloud Plays: I know it sounds crazy to buy Soundcloud plays, but trust me, sometimes you need to look like people are listening to get other people to listen.
  • Never do nothing: Consistency is key in building a following, so always be doing something to push your music. Forget about being fast or slow, steady wins the race all by itself. Keep doing music, keep doing promotion, keep doing something every day.

FAQs About How To Get Famous On Soundcloud

What are some common mistakes artists make when trying to gain SoundCloud followers?

Some artists neglect to engage with their followers on social media and participate in repost exchanges for promotion. It’s crucial to reach other to other people in order to build what you want to build for yourself. “No man is an island.” But that’s only the third-most important part of building your musical career.

To succeed at this game:

  1. Be consistent. Devote yourself to building your music career every day. Making great beats is just one part of this.
  2. Understand that a big part of being a musician is promotion and you have to take this seriously. If someone else is not out there promoting you professionally and consistently, then you have to be.
  3. Engage with followers, fans, industry types, etc on social media. This will be your biggest way to promote yourself.

How can an artist determine the best time to upload tracks on SoundCloud?

According to our article The Best Time To Post On SoundCloud, 10 AM Sunday is the best time to post.

But take into account the location, time zone, and behavior patterns of your followers and potential audience to find the best upload times for you, personally. Consistency in uploading at these times can in the most important way to establish a loyal following who look forward to each update from you.

Start experimenting with different upload schedules and pay attention to the data – it could be the key to boosting your success on SoundCloud.

What are some effective ways to engage with the SoundCloud community and build a dedicated audience?

To start, interact with users who have similar music and tastes by liking their tracks and making new friends. Spend time talking about music and commenting on other artists’ work to build relationships.

Use SoundCloud insights to identify the best time to upload tracks, making them discoverable through relevant hashtags and categories. Showcase only your best work that meets current standards and remove old tracks that don’t.

Build a profile with attractive images, logo and a rich, vibrant bio that can be used across all social media platforms for a unified personal message. Engaging with your audience is crucial in becoming successful on SoundCloud.

DJ Rede Beats
DJ Rede Beats
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