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When To Post On Soundcloud

You’re a musician and you’re looking to make a splash on SoundCloud.

You’ve got some hot new tracks, but when’s the best time to hit up SoundCloud’s 200 million users?

Gemtracks, a big online platform for music producers and artists, says the best time to post on SoundCloud is Sundays at 10 AM. But it ain’t just about timing – there’s other factors that can help you succeed on this platform.

In this article, we’re gonna dive deep into the best practices for posting on SoundCloud and help you boost your popularity. Let’s get your music career off the ground!

The Basics of SoundCloud Posting

Alright, let’s talk about how to boost your music popularity and engagement by knowing when, and how, to share your tracks on SoundCloud.


Uploading at the right time can get you more visibility and lead to more plays, likes, and followers. The best time to post on SoundCloud is Sunday at 10 AM. That’s when most folks are online and have free time to scroll through their feeds.

Don’t Be Thirsty (i.e. desperate)

Try not to post more than one or two tracks at a time to avoid spamming your followers. And be active on the platform by interacting with other members and responding to comments.

Be A Completionist

Make sure you include all the necessary info like title, genre, tags, description and metadata when you upload your track for maximum exposure.

That’s the run down but let’s get into more details about when to post

The Best Day to Post on SoundCloud

According to research, Sunday is the best day to upload your tracks. This is when most people are off work or school and have more free time to discover new music.

Try posting only one or two tracks at a time on a given Sunday.

The Best Time to Post on SoundCloud

I’ve said that the most people are on SoundCloud around Sunday at 10 AM but when the most people are on the platform may not necessarily be the best time to post.

To get the most out of promoting your tracks on SoundCloud, consider uploading at a time when there are fewer users actively sharing their music.

This means avoiding peak hours when many people tend to upload their own tracks, as this would lead to more competition for exposure. Instead, try posting during off-peak hours such as early mornings (5 AM to 7 AM) or late evenings (11 PM to 1 AM) when there are fewer active users on the platform.

Finding the best posting time requires some trial and error and watching your audience’s behavior. It could be helpful to keep track of engagement rates during various times of day and adjust your posting schedule accordingly.

Remember that quality is always more important than quantity, so focus on uploading high-quality tracks rather than spamming followers with low-quality content.

After The Post

Engage with the Community

Engaging with other members on SoundCloud can help you expand your network and increase the visibility of your music, leading to more success in your career.

Being active on the platform is crucial for growth, as it allows you to connect with other artists, producers, and fans who share similar interests.

You can interact with others through things like:

  • Leaving thoughtful comments on their tracks
  • Reposting their music to your page
  • Collaborating on projects together.

This not only helps promote their music but also increases the chances that they will return the favor and help promote your music on SoundCloud.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to other members directly through private messages or by joining groups related to your genre – these connections could lead to future collaborations or even partnerships outside of SoundCloud.

Go Beyond The ‘Cloud

Make sure to connect with other artists and fans on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By consistently sharing your music and engaging with others in the industry, you’ll start increasing your awareness across social media which will in turn lead back to your SoundCloud

By building a community around your music and actively engaging with others within that community, you can establish yourself as a reputable artist and gain more visibility within the platform’s algorithm.

Buy Soundcloud Plays

The idea of purchasing SoundCloud plays can be quite appealing to up-and-coming musicians and content creators. It provides an instant surge in play counts, which can give off an impression of credibility and popularity.

Don’t Be a Spam Monster

To make sure you don’t annoy or irritate other SoundCloud members, it’s important to steer clear of spamming their comments section with excessive self-promotion.

Here are three reasons why spamming is a bad idea:

  • It can damage your visibility: If you’re constantly leaving irrelevant links or comments on other people’s tracks, they’re less likely to take you seriously as an artist or follow your page. Additionally, SoundCloud has algorithms in place to detect spammy behavior, which could result in your account being flagged or even banned.
  • It undermines privacy: Some members may have private tracks that they only want to share with specific individuals. Spamming their comments section not only violates their privacy but also shows that you didn’t bother to read their track description before leaving a comment.
  • It’s disrespectful: Imagine spending hours creating a piece of music only for someone else to use your comment section as an advertising platform. Spamming comes across as rude and unprofessional, which can harm your reputation in the long run.

Naked self-promotion tactics will ultimately harm your chances of success, so be about respecting other people’s time and privacy on the platform.

Success Can Come On Soundcloud

One success story is that of rapper Lil Uzi Vert. The Philadelphia-based artist was able to build a following on SoundCloud by uploading his music directly to the platform. By interacting with other members and avoiding spamming, he was able to grow his fanbase organically, eventually leading him to sign a record deal and achieve mainstream success.

This is just one example of how SoundCloud has helped artists achieve their dreams and reach new heights in the music industry.

Now Get To Posting!

Remember, the ideal time – Sundays at 10 AM is optimal for posting. But that’s not all there is to it. Think about other times where musicians might not be posting.

Engage with other members, appreciate their work, and avoid spamming at all costs. These simple yet effective tips can make a significant difference in growing your popularity on SoundCloud.

As the saying goes, “Roc-A-Fella wasn’t built in a day.” It takes time, effort, and dedication to succeed as an artist. It can be done, though.

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DJ Rede Beats
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