DJ Rede Beats

Professional DJ, Beatmaker, and Producer

DJ Rede beats is a beat maker and producer from LA who's applied extreme work ethic in collaboration with his talent to reach heights most musicians hope to get to. Coming up in LA in the 90s and early 2000's DJ Rede Beats found himself spinning at clubs and dive bars throughout the city.

His first sight at stardom and success was in 2016 when a promoter witnessed him spin at a club in LA and was impressed by his talent. This lead him to hiring DJ Rede Beats to spin for an even at the playboy mansion and rub shoulders with celebrities.
His talents extend far beyond the turntables and just being a DJ. He is also a master music producer, beat maker, and engineer, whom specializes in the art of mixing and mastering. His deep understanding of sound has earned him a reputation as one of the most sought-after producers in the game.

DJ Rede Beats has collaborated with quite a few musicians from the early 2000s, many of them having hits that topped the charts around that time. One example includes projects with the likes of Mike Jones, the Houston-based rapper known for his single "Back Then" which left his phone number trending on the internet. DJ Rede Beats' creative synergy with Mike Jones produced a collection of tracks that fans loved. Since then DJ Rede has worked behind the scenes ghost producing for some of the most prominent producers in the industry such as Dre, Scott Storch, Timbo and many more.

This is when he started to work with musicians, get in the studio, and be in the environment that was going to accelerate his music career. An example of a musician he worked with in his early career, was Houston-based rapper Mike Jones who's known for his hit single "Back Then". Since then Rede Beats has worked for some of Hip Hop's most known producer such as Scott Storch, Timbaland, Dre, and many more.

Between all of his spinning at clubs, beat making, producing music and working with artists, DJ Rede Beats has landed himself here at My Music Viral as our head author. We look forward to him sharing his expertise in the music realm and helpting musicians get their name out there with marketing tactics he's used for years.

If you're interested in DJ Rede Beats music just go to any of his social media profiles. He uploads music there continuously and shares all of the muisc he makes with the world. If you're a producer or artists, we'll be uploading all of his beats to Beatstars for purchase or lease.

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