FREE SERVICES! My Music Viral Order Instructions

    FREE SERVICES! My Music Viral Order Instructions


    That’s right, we’re giving away free everything! We want to reward customers for making the transition to Zelle or Venmo. At the moment we are only using Venmo and Zelle to process payment. Unfortunately, we are discontinuing using PayPal. If you have a recommendation for a payment processor you use please let us know. We are working on getting credit card processing live on the site and that may take up to a month.

    In the meantime, take advantage of our free services!

    – For Soundcloud plays you get 4x what you order. So if you order 1,000 plays we’ll give you 4,000 plays.
    – For TikTok get 2x the plays you order.
    – Spotify and YouTube get 25% free on any service.


    Instruction for ordering through Venmo


    1. Send your payment and order instructions to @mymusicviral on the Venmo app.


    2. Make sure in the message to include


    – Service ordered

    – Song links

    – Email address we can contact you if needed.

    – If you have any trouble with filling out the message you can always send your order details to [email protected] Include your Venmo username if you need to email us your order instructions.


    Instruction for ordering via Zelle


    1. Use Zelle through your bank or the Zelle app. This should be available through your current bank. If not, you can set up the account from the Zelle website.


    2. Send payment for your service via Zelle.


    – Send to a business. Business name is: My Music Viral

    – Email address: [email protected]

    -In the Message box please include your Zelle email or phone number only.


    3. Send your order details to [email protected]

    – Full name on Zelle account
    – Zelle email or phone number. Make sure you provide the one you are using in your Zelle account.
    – Service Ordered and amount. Ex. “5,000 Spotify Plays”
    – Links to your songs
    – Any additional details you may want to include, like splitting plays between songs.


    Orders will be handled in the same timely manner they always have been handled. This change on our end WILL NOT affect the quality of our services. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and still want to provide our customers with the highest quality social media services for the lowest prices. We pride ourselves on honesty, customer support, and quality of our services when compared to our competitors and will always provide that to our customers.

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