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    A Legit Soundcloud Promotion Package That Actually Works

    When it comes to marketing yourself as a musician there's no better way to do it than social networking on streaming platforms, and with Soundcloud being one of the top networks for musicians to promote their music. Did you know that the platform has over 175 MILLION users? That's more than Spotify and any other social network for musicians!

    With that many users it's a no-brainer as to why you'd want to utilize their platform to get your music heard. Not to mention the other relationships and musicians you'll meet while being a part of the network. It's free to use and there is definitely some great music on the streaming platform. We have worked side by side with a few musicians ourselves personally, and utilized buying Soundcloud plays to jump start their careers. Why wait any longer to jump start yours?

    There are many reasons why you should purchase Soundcloud plays and we'll discuss a few below. The biggest reason is you should always buy Soundcloud plays from a proven and trusted provider. Social media platforms and the music industry are cracking down on musicians using streaming services to boost their music. Which is why MyMusicViral is the only online music promotion service you should use.

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    The more views you have the more you look like a popular musician. People are curious by nature and when they see large play counts they're more likely to click on your music and listen. Not only will they attract more of your target audience, these plays will also entice people to tell their friends and family about you. There isn't a single song out there that gets hot that people aren't telling everyone they know about. Having a large number of plays and likes makes it more beleivable that you are worth listening to on Soundcloud. With so many below average music artists publishing their music, the only way to set yourself apart is by making great music and having the metrics that support it. With buying Soundcloud plays and an online usic promotion it's easy to get ears on your music and more ears on your music the more likely it is that someone will repost your track. This will also increase the amount of Soundcloud followers you have. Having more follower is synonymous for growing your audience and succeeding in your music career.

    Buying Soundcloud plays can get you noticed with Soundcloud and earn more followers

    The more popular you are, the more likely Soundcloud is to recommend your music to other listeners. Soundcloud is smart and uses engagement metrics (plays, likes, shares, downloads, etc.) to determine how popular your music is and whether or not you're worthy of being recommended to other listeners. This is the way every single site on the web works. If your website gets more clicks in Google, you get higher rank. If your video gets more views and likes in Youtube then you get recommended more and also are ranked higher in the search. Same applies. If you have more likes and plays, Soundcloud will move you higher in the search thus putting, more eyes on you as a brand, and more ears on your music but you're obviously going to need more than a few hundred plays. When you buy Soundcloud plays the end user only sees your play count and doesn't see how you actually received the plays. Your stats are only available for you to see and your Soundcloud followers aren't able to view them. We don't advise buying Soundcloud followers as it can easily back fire. If you'd like to buy followers you may want to seek out a different service, but beware! I have never come across a service provider that has real followers and I've been doing this for 15+ years. So if you want to buy Soundcloud followers, you should follow our tips at the bottom of the page to get organic followers.

    Why Pay for Soundcloud Plays?

    First impressions are everything! More views/plays on your song/video means more audience and more reputation! Have you ever visited a song that only had a few plays/views and didn't watch or listen because of the view count? This is exactly why you should buy Soundcloud plays. Same applies for the opposite right? There's actually data to support it too! The chance that someone will view/play your song is increased by 70% if you have a profile that appears to be reputable. In the music industry numbers speak and the fans pay attention to up and comers with numbers. Not to mention, if you want to buy cheap Soundcloud plays we have them. Like really cheap, only $.29 per 1,000 depending on the promotion package you purchase. We also use genuine marketing tactics to get organic plays and earn you 100% organic growth in the process.

    Artists Who've Used Soundcloud Plays to Promote their Music

    A ton of main stream artists buy Soundcloud plays when a song is released. There are many amazing music artists who've used Soundcloud services to promote their music, become famous, and even be given awards for their music and streams. Musicians such as; Bladee (Benjamin Reichwald), Khalid, Lil' Peep, Whethan, Night Lovell, XXXTentacion, Chance the Rapper, Trippie Redd, 6ix9ine, YNW Melly, Lil Pump, and pretty much all Mumble Rap.

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    We know there are plenty of Soundcloud promotions and social media marketing services out there, but none that provide the type of quality that we do! All plays from the UK and US. Quality Soundcloud plays, fast delivery, excellent customer support, 5 years in business, served 30k+ customers, and it goes without saying, we are the industry experts. Best prices, fastest delivery times (most plays fill in a few hours tops), and highest quality. Just compare our cheap Soundcloud plays with the quality of the competition. They can't beat us. In fact we offer deals to many of the other sellers online and they buy Soundcloud plays from us. If you're looking to buy high quality Soundcloud plays with real Soundcloud users that should be priced way higher because the quality is unmatched, you've come to the right place. All of our plays are from USA and Europe and we pride ourselves on the service and promotions we provide to musicians and music creators. We also offer a money back guarantee if your plays are not delivered. When purchasing Soundcloud plays from us we don't offer any free trial service but we do offer to match any of the plays you purchase.

    Tips for Getting More Plays on Soundcloud

    Now that you know all about the SC platform, it's time to start promoting yourself! Before you purchase Soundcloud plays here are a few tips to give you a good foundation as music artists before buying any Soundcloud promotion. 1). Make sure your profile is complete and up-to-date. This includes adding a profile picture, bio, and links to your other social profiles. You also want to make sure all of your music is up to date. Frequently reshare your music to push it to the top of your list and remind your followers of your music. 2). Upload high-quality recordings of your music. This is a MUST DO and will make you or break you as a musician. I don't know how many times I've been scrolling through the streaming platform only to hear someone's music that was recorded through their laptops microphone. This an instant delete, pause, stop, or whatever. If your music sounds bad I'm not listening and neither is anyone else. No one cares about the reasons your mic quality is horrible, they just want to listen to good music. 3). Share your tracks on other streaming platforms, and encourage fans to follow you. Sharing is caring. Caring for your own music that is. If you're not blasting your music to all of your friends and followers across all social media platforms, you're doing yourself a huge injustice. These plays, views and eyes on your songs add up to revenue in your pocket that your missing out on if you're not taking advantage of the opportunity. You need to make sure your Facebook followers know about your music as well as other 4). Use Soundcloud's built-in tools to promote your music. For example, you can create playlists, add artwork to your tracks, and share tracks with other users. 5). Interact with other users in the music community. Comment on other users' tracks, follow them, and repost their music. This is one of the biggest things that can help you and it's so easy to do. Just interact with other good musicians. If they see you comment, they will most likely go and listen to your music. Even if they don't like it, it still counts as a Soundcloud play! You need to get as many plays as you possibly can. 6). Use Soundcloud tracks to network with other musicians. Collaborate with other musicians, exchange feedback, and promote each other's music.

    By following these tips, you can increase your exposure, get more Soundcloud plays, network with other users, and advance in your music career. There are a few things that music enthusiasts can do in order to get more Soundcloud plays. One is to make sure that your profile is complete and that your music is properly tagged. You should also make sure that you have uploaded high-quality tracks, and that you are regularly promoting your music on other websites. Another thing is to make Soundcloud profiles for your songs, and then use these accounts in order to get Soundcloud plays. You can also buy Soundcloud plays for a song that you want to promote or just buy USA Soundcloud plays to give tracks some initial traction and boost it's search engine position. Lot of services we will explore in detail below can help you with this. There are a number of things that you can do in order to get Soundcloud plays, and by using the right methods, you can increase your plays significantly. Don't ever buy fake Soundcloud plays as a way to boost your profile or Soundcloud track. By following the tips in this article, you can make sure that your music is heard by more people and that you are able to build a good Soundcloud account. Soundcloud is used by millions of people, and it can be a great way to promote your music, whether you are an upcoming music artist or one that already has a lot of hits. By making sure that you use Soundcloud effectively, it can be easy to get plays. When all else fails you can always look to MyMusicViral. We want to make sure you get the best out of your music, which is why we offer high quality services and a Soundcloud promotion that is too good to pass up. You can ensure when you shop with us that you are using one of the best sites for special promotion packages on Soundcloud!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1Can you buy real Soundcloud plays?
    Yes you can! Although most companies do not deliver real plays, My Music Viral does and plays are also from the US and UK. Buying real plays requires some diligence on your end, but you can definitely find honest Soundcloud play providers.
    2Is it bad to buy Soundcloud plays?
    It depends on who you are purchasing them from. If the plays are fake, then yes buying plays can be bad. But if they're high quality plays then you're 100% safe buying plays.
    3How much does it cost to buy Soundcloud plays?
    As low as $.29 per 1,000 plays. It really depends on the promotion package you purchase. The higher the number of plays that you purchase, the lower the cost gets. So more plays = lower price. However our smaller packages such as 1,000 Soundcloud plays, cost $1.49 per 1,000 plays.
    4How do I get plays on Soundcloud?
    There is a couple of ways you can get plays on Soundcloud. First, you should be engaging with your audience and staying fresh on their mind. Second, promoting your Soundcloud songs on other social network can give you a ton of plays. And last but not least, purchasing plays is easy and as long as you pick a trusted provider then you shouldn't have any issues.


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